Delphine Volange

Delphine Volange – for a husky singing French fille, that’s a great stage name. On par with Vanessa Paradis, Marina Celeste and Charline Rose. Posted about Delphine’s first single last year. The follow-up is just released, the b-side sports another version of her duet with Bertrand Belin (see original version and gorgeous video here). That can mean two things: she hasn’t written much new material, or she’s using Belin again to get in the picture. I wouldn’t mind being used by Delpine (ahem). But let’s not get carried away here. Or wait, let’s do. Because she wrote Hôtel Chopin together with the great Jean-Claude Vannier. There sure is Gainsbourgian flavour to the song (Je suis venu te dire springs to mind), not sure if there’s a musical reference to Chopin as well, like Serge did here. With her Barbara Carlotti-like voice, Delphine sure makes me look forward to that album.

Delphine Volange – Hotel Chopin