De La Jolie Musique

Now there’s a name to draw attention, De La Jolie Musique. Of the Beautiful Music. Lush orchestrated music that is, in the vein of Jean-Claude Vannier, Francois de Roubaix, Eumir Deodato, John Barry… Violins, brass, that plopping 70s Fender bass, choirs, wah-wah guitars – are things turning bright orange yet? The band’s key member is Erwann Corré, a songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist who adds up to eleven people in De La Jolie Musique to make his musical dreams come true. Plein Soleil is the highlight of the album Memoire Tropical. Very Melody Nelson-ish with that choir-sound, the trumpet and the long, long intro. It might be raining outside, with this beautiful music, the sun sets every night in a golden haze.