Stephanie Blanchoud

Stephanie Blanchoud is a Swiss-Belgian actress who released one album and an EP, but somehow managed to stay under the all-seeing eye(s) of this blog. Her new album’s on the way, this is the first single featuring Belgian superstar Daan, who sounds a bit like Bryan Ferry in this duet. Cool video too:

Listen to snippets of the upcoming album HERE

Isolde et les Bens

1621894_625184150895894_966156128_nHoney-voiced Isolde Lasoen is the lovely drummer of Belgian superstar Daan, together with her own band Les Bens she plays breezy jazz with a Brazilian flavour. With the Belgian football team, nicknamed The Red Devils, playing the world cup (been a while since that happened), one could make a connection between Isolde’s new single and the soccer team. She says there’s none, though the idea for this song grew after the important qualification game against Croatia. Here’s Isolde’s earlier single. Here’s a playlist of her favourite bossa nova tunes.


MP3: Isolde et Les Bens – Samba Des Diables

FS Rerun: Els & Daan

Many visitors wrote guestposts for FillesSourires, this one’s from Joachim from 2005:

The first time I heard this song was in the Belgian movie Meisje. I liked it a lot but somehow forgot about it. Until I heard it on the radio – on that moment I was sure I knew that song all of my life. Wrong! Belgian artist Daan (of Dead Man Ray-fame)made this track in 2002. You can find it on the bonus-cd of Bridge Burner (2003) and now on the excellent cd Cinema (2006).
E-zine Ultra wrote: ‘Once again I’m sure quite a few eighties electropop revivalists will be jealous of this catchy ànd classy single. Jamais Neutral is sophisticated lightweight pop-with-synthesizers which sounds as if Lio (or Vanessa Paradis or…) had been given a song by Gainsbourg and then produced by Telex. Quel craftsmanship! Incredible, too, how well Dottermans (one of Belgium’s top actresses) performs.’

Daan feat. Els Dottermans – Jamais Neutral