Comme un boomerang

In other news: a new compilation featuring inédits by Serge Gainsbourg will be released next month. A single, Serge singing Comme un Boomerang, is released today. He wrote the song for Dani‘s Eurovision Songcontest appearance in 1975, but it got rejected. She recorded it with Daho in 2001. Read all about it HERE. (Thx Bruno!)

See the tracklisting of the new box here. This is the official release of the Boomerang-demo by Serge. It was available on the interwebs earlier, here.

Serge Gainsbourg – Comme un boomerang
Dani & Daho – Comme un boomerang
Feist, Gonzales, Dani – Comme un boomerang
Etienne Daho – Comme un boomerang (live)