Gateau Blaster

Comic Strip is not the first French rap crew to use a Serge Gainsbourg sample, but they sure are the funniest. This is their English bio (from here): ‘COMIC STRIP is an up and coming french rap band. Led by freaking MC Wapi alongside producers TAMBOUR BATTANT , COMIC STRIP is about telling funny stories , sometimes with a hidden sense to it, and sometimes not. It s about hip hop and it s about electronics. It’s about “rap français”, and it s about UK grime, and US HipHop, and russian hardcore techno (well not quite sure bout the last one). Burning stages with heavy beats and an unusual sense of humor, it s meant to stay on the stage, and there s no firing those crazy unemployed B Boyz’
You can download their album Gateau Blaster for free (or a small donation, make sure doing so) HERE.

Comic Strip – Comic Strip Song
Of course, that’s this Gainsbourg song they’ve sampled.