Lili (&Thierry)

They worked together before, Lili Cros & Thierry Chazelle. In 2008 they made two seperate albums that looked the same from the outside and could be put together, and now there is their first “real’ album together, called Voyager Léger“. Their new collaboration led to a very pleasant album, with both Lili and Thierry solo, and some nice duets, all done in a sweet melodious, folky way. Texts and music are by Lili and Thierry. Lili Cros has a very nice voice which reminds me in some songs of Clarika.
One of the nicest songs on the album is IMHO “A la Radio”. a song about listening to musique, so very suitable.
BTW, they are funny too, as you can see here in the small “commercial” they made in their kitchen.
Lili Cros &  Thierry Chazelle – A la Radio