Cilla K, Ntjam Rosie

Words that are overused on this blog are probably ‘gorgeous’, ‘sensual’, ‘sexy’ and ‘fragile’. The first three apply to Cilla K and Ntjam Rosie. But fragile, no. Both black singers have a French-colonial background (Guadaloupe, Cameroon) and they make gritty, urban music with futuristic touches. Three words that are very underused on this blog. Which is a bit of shame really, ’cause I’m into (modern) soul and funk as much as I’m into soft-sighing French blondes. Cilla K (pictured) worked with some big names in urban music, on her debut-album Fine Line is one track partly in French. One of the strongest tracks, I think. See a great video of another of Cilla’s songs here.
Ntjam Rosie now lives in Rotterdam and just released her second album Elle. Like on her debut there are a few songs in French, but no more tracks in local dialect. Instead, she added a lot more soul, plus world reknown flautista Ronald Snijders. In L’Amour she gets help from Esperanzah from Numaads.

Cilla K – Demain
Ntjam Rosie & Esperanzah – L’Amour