Six Years of Filles Sourires

Six years ago, I started writing about girls, singing in French. Making me sigh. In the past years, I also wrote about guys, singing in French. Serge Gainsbourg especially. I posted songs in various languages. I got help from Maks, Sky and FransS. I interviewed several of my heroes and heroines. Among them: Charlotte Gainsbourg. I interviewed her twice (third time coming up!), the first time in a posh hotel in Paris. Halfway through the interview, she slid from the couch and sat at my feet for the rest of the time. I know I kept on with the interview, because the questions were recorded on my device but I have no recollection asking them. I brushed past her in an Amsterdam hotel, when she was a secret guest at an Air-concert. I did not recognise her at first, but I was immediatly mesmerized when I saw her.
This compilation (also made for EHPO and Perfect Alles, cover was made by Wilbert) is my ode to an actress who interprets songs like they’re scenarios. Who gets help from big guns like Jarvis Cocker, Conor O’Brien and Beck, but has the ability to make a song her own. All songs are especially written for her, about her experiences, about her fears and of course inspired by her heritage. When Charlotte sighs, or whispers (like in Beauty Mark, one of the most beautiful songs she ever recorded), I start glowing. It’s not sexual (well, maybe a little), it’s out of pure contentment.
Thanks for all your visits, comments, suggestions, songs, guestposts etcaetera. Here’s to another six years.

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