Under the Radar 2: Cécile Corbel

Folk singer and celtic harpist Cécile Corbel comes from the department Finistère in the extreme West of Brittany, and she’s a bit like a fille fragile from another, more mystic and elegant time. On her Songbook Vol. 3: Renaissance she transforms Alan Stivell’s solemn, originally a bit leaden ballad about Irish High King Brian Boru into a floating incantation of her home country, and on La belle s’est endormie, she fuses a French traditional with chamber music strings. Her fairy style vocals fit the courtly character of the tunes quite perfectly; everything here feels like a breeze from the End of the World – and that’s exactly what Finistère means.

Cécile Corbel – Brian Boru

Cécile Corbel – La belle s’est endormie