Cathy Claret

Blonde, beautiful, Brigitte Bardot-lookalike, born in Nimes, relocated to Spain and some sort of icon since the 80s when her records were released by Les disques du Crépuscule – meet Cathy Claret. The last time we’ve heard from her was three years ago, all of a sudden there’s a new single. Chocolat is partly in French, partly in Spanish and sung deliciously off-key with that unresistable Lolita-voice of hers. The other track on this single is a rap (!) in Spanish, and so godawful that I promise to post it if this blog ever calls it quits, to scare you all off. Can’t figure out if a new album is in the works as well, but I guess there is. Let’s pray it includes a lot of songs like this one.

Cathy Claret – Chocolat