Doba is Doriane Fabreg, together with Carole Facal she formed the eclectic duo DobaCaracol. Best known for this song, they made sunny, folksy songs with sunny, folksy influences. But they broke up, Carole released a soloalbum in 2008, musically she fished in the same pond as DobaCaracol. Doba, who’s releasing her first solo album now, has a different approach. Almost all songs on her self-titled album are in English, bar one. Her songs are more orchestral, listen for instance to her ode to Lhasa. Her heavy accent is maybe a turn-off,  the lyrics don’t show a big vocabulary (ok, well, I’m maybe not the right person to critize that, but come on, read this). Le pont, the only French track on the album, isn’t exactly a highpoint in wordplay either, but it does stand out on the album. Like the Miles Davis-y trumpet in that one. All’n all, I’d say that Carole got the upper hand after the split.

Doba – Le pont

Caracol, Naif

Two new(ish) singles by non-French (yet French-speaking) filles. Caracol (Carole Facal) hails from Canada, was once one-half of DobaCaracol but released a very nice countryfied solo-record in 2008. Her new single Quelque Part is just out, and is featured in a movie. New album is out in October.

Naif (Herin) was born in the North of Italy, near the Mont Blanc and records in English, Italian and French, sometimes all in one song. Goûte-Moi isn’t a new track, videos from her singing the song date date 5 to 7 months back (like this one) yet it’s not on her album from 2010. I heard this one on FIP a few weeks back and it really stuck.

Caracol – Quelque part
Naif – Goûte-moi