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lottchTraveling Birds is the second album by Swiss-Belgian duo Lottchen, jazz singer Eva Buchmann & vibraphonist Sonja Huber (plays marimba, too), oscillating between super laid-back poise and fluffy end-of-summer dreamscapes. Though off and on a bit too artsy for their own good, there’s undoubtedly a master touch to feel here. Lottchen’s version of Camille’s Quand je marche effortlessly beats the pants off the chichi original, and the album’s opener, a spellbinding interpretation of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s classic Waters of March, is nothing but pure class. And, gee, that’s some cool egg shaker at the end of the song.

Lottchen – Quand je marche
Lottchen – Waters of March

Camille covers Johnny Hallyday

Out of the blue, French vocal-wonder Camille covers a Johnny Hallyday-classic. On her site, she writes: “Que j’aime chanter Que je t’aime ! Bijou érotique. Eclipse de soleil. Où se mêlent l’ombre et la lumière, le Yin et le Yang, la puissance et l’infinie délicatesse, Johnny Hallyday et son contraire.” It’s in the style of Camille’s most recent album, Ilo Veyou. So less bombastic then the original. I thought the song was covered more, but a part from a Dutch duo (cough) and a few lesser known French names, I didn’t find a lot. Camille did a great job, her version is sure a lot more erotic then Hallyday’s. Unless, a long haired, sweaty old guy is your fave fetish, of course.

Camille – Que je t’aime
Johnny Hallyday – Que je t’aime


Camille’s mocking the Edith Piaf-singing style on her new album, Ilo Veyou. In a song in which she sings France is recycling it’s past like a photocopier. On paper it’s quite funny. When you actually hear the song, it’s funny too. One time. Easily one of the most anticipated new albums this year, Camille’s fourth album is a tad disappointing. Yes, there’s vocal trickery (Bubble Lady, about her pregnancy, and the child choir in Allez Allez Allez), but there are ‘normal’ songs as well. Sung in English and French. Some almost sound 17th Century, like Message. She Was sounds like a leftover from Feist’s latest album. Most of the time, the music is very basic: guitar, strings, voice. This works beautifully in Le Berger and Le Banquet. The title track, with it’s upright bass and vocal workout, is a flashback to Music Hole. I saw her on the Music Hole tour, and was blown away by the performance, the vocals, the percussion, her charisma.  I still cherish this as one of the best concerts I ever saw. But now, when I hear her gasp, puff and sigh in Tout dit or Ilo Veyou, it’s kind of annoying. Yes, the girl can sing. Yes, she can do whatever she wants with her voice. But write good, solid songs, like Les Ex from her debut, or Au Port from Le Fil, that seems harder and harder for Camille.

Read an English interview with Camille here. And here.

Camille – La France


Yes, we are partisan. Always were, in the six year this blog exists. You all know we have our prefered sweethearts. we’re on first name basis with ‘m: Camille, Charlotte, Beatrice (Coeur de Pirate), Coralie, Vanessa. And Claire. And because Claire has a new album, it is a happy day at Fillessourires. Us and Claire, it started in 2008 and continued in 2009 when her first, self-titled album came out.
And now there is a new album “Vagabonde”. Earlier this year we could see Claire has grown (duh!), as she showed in the catchy “Bang bang bang” (released on an EP in May) and in some sessions she did this year, like this one where she covers Big Mama Thornton.

And now there is “Vagabonde”. She continues to be our Claire, but she is older, more mature. It is clear that she’s studied the musical history, especially Americana (she lived in America, you know). The whole album sounds like an Americana album, sung in French, with “our” Claire’s husky voice, like in the new single “Rien de Moi” (also on the EP).
Was “Bang Bang Bang” a potential summer hit, the rest of the album is perfect for the upcoming autumn. No wait, autumn started already in July. With old whiskeys and/or good red wines and fireplaces…
For a teaser I decided to pick “34 Septembre” because that is a new song and it is in two weeks from now. Welcome Back, Claire!

Claire Denamur – 34 Septembre

More Camille

L’étourderie by Camille, the first single off of her new album (see an acoustic version above), was a nice teaser. But Tout dit, taken from a sampler that came with a recent edition of Les Inrocks, is less promising. In fact, I find it a tad boring. What do you think?

Camille – Tout dit

(Merci Louis M)

Jerome van den Hole featuring Camille

YES! Camille is back, AND she sings in French! She duets with Jerome van den Hole on his upcoming debut-album. VDH first single was kinda nice (video) but this track with Camille is of the same quality as that brilliant track with Raul Paz (this one). Van den Hole, he says his  name is the same of a Dutch sprinter, recorded his album with Philippe Zdar (of Cassius-fame, he also produced Phoenix). He states he likes NTM as much as Kings of Leon, and apparently loves heavy, heavy piano on his songs. Have not heard his album yet, but this could be something special.

Jerome van den Hole + Camille – Debout

Raul Paz & Camille

Today was a beautiful day, lots and lots of sunshine. And then this record fell on my doormat. Cuban superstar Raul Paz together with lovely French vocal-trickster Camille (in Spanish, ain’t she versatile). The record’s called Carnaval, and that’s what it is!

Raul Paz & Camille – Carnaval

David Byrne, Fatboy Slim, Camille…and Imelda

Here Lies Love is a cd/dvd combo with songs written bij David Byrne (plus musical help by Fatboy Slim) about Imelda Marcos. No, the shoes aren’t mentioned. Byrne is fascinated by people in power, wat power does to them and what makes them tick. For the vocals on the 22 (!) songs, he asked an impressive bunch of mostly female singers. Several of whom were featured on this blog, like Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamand, Martha Wainwright and the lovely Camille. The latter doesn’t sing in French, alas, but you’ll recognise her instantly. Fun album. There will be a theatrical production too.

David Byrne, Fatboy Slim & Camille – Pretty Face