Brigitte covers Gainsbourg

Kooky pop duo Brigitte (Aurelie & Sylvie) released an extended version of their quirky debut, Et Vous Tu M’Aimes?. It features a bonus disc with leftovers and covers, songs by RUN DMC (Walk this way), George Michael (I Want Your Sex) and yes, our beloved Serge. Brigitte’s take on Chez les Ye-Ye is danceable, well-arranged and one of the better cover versions, I’d say.

Brigitte – Chez les ye-ye (video of Serge’s original here)


Brigitte – great name for a female French duo. Just like Serge is a great name for a music magazine. The blonde and the brunette, Aurelie (or should we say Mayane?) and Sylvie, first popped up on this blog in 2009. A few posts below, Misterblog is saying that the irresistable Battez-vous is getting more and more airplay in France. Summer-hit? You guessed it. The first full album is out now, it’s called Et vous, tu m’aimes? That kicks off with Battez-vous, and includes their rework of NTM’s hiphophit Ma Benz (fabulous Brigitte-video here). There are several interludes, ‘hidden tracks’, a song consisting of titles of Claude François-chansons (very funny) and an ‘English song’ to end all English songs by French artists. Battez-vous is by far the best track on the album, but the groove of Oh La La got me hooked as well.

Brigitte – Oh La La



Two great looking gals singing petites chansons méchantes, an apt description of Sylvie Hoarau and Aurelie Maggiori, aka Brigitte. Posted about ‘m before (in 2008 and 2009), recently their first EP dropped featuring an NTM cover, the funky La vengeance d’un louve (see video here) and my fave, Battez-vous. Love the bassline in this track. As you may have read in earlier posts, the Brigittes are experienced, they recorded alone (Aurelie, as Mayane) and with a band (Sylvie, with Vendetta). Looking forward to a full album.
Brigitte – Battez-vous