Brigitte Fontaine vs Yacht

A brilliant cover of Le Goudron by American hipsters Yacht, a bass-heavy rework of a track Brigitte Fontaine made in 1969 with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. The album Fontaine and TAoC made together, Comme à la radio, is considered one of the most adventurous in Fontaines discography. ‘They stretched the very notion of what pop had been and could be’, this review on says. And now, you can dance to it too.
See the Yacht-video here.

Brigitte Fontaine & the Art Ensemble of Chicago – Le Goudron
Yacht – Le Goudron (edit)

Brigitte Fontaine & Emmanuelle Seigner

Can we agree on saying that Brigitte Fontaine is an acquired taste? The grande dame of the odd chanson started her career in 1965, sang traditional chansons but made things more interesting for herself by working with The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Jacques Higelin, Sonic Youth, Stereolab and a whole lot more. She’s in her 70s now, but does not tone down. ‘I am God’s nightmare’, she, erm, ‘sings’ on her most recent offering, the duet-stuffed L’un n’empêche pas l’autre. Her partners have, just like her, instantly recognisable voices, like Arno Hintjens (great track!), Grace Jones (they do an Arab rework of the jazz-standard Caravan together), Higelin of course, M(athieu Chedid), Christophe, Bertrand Cantat and Emmanuelle Seigner. You can see what she made Mrs Polanski do for her track in the video above. Acquiring from the top of your lungs, yessir.

Brigitte Fontaine & Emmanuelle Seigner – Dressing