Bâtard Pop XXI: In Bed with Bonnie

Mash-up time again: On I’m in Love with Jane Birkin, a skateboarder and bootleg artist hiding behind the moniker B.A.R.T.O. & His Pop Orchestra fuses Serge & Jane’s immortal cunnilingual dialogue with Beres Hammond’s reggae tune I’m in Love – a daring, but smoothly executed operation. Another Gainsbourg aficionado is Nantes-based dancefloor entrepreneur and DJ John Poincarré: his amalgam of Serge’s Bonnie & Clyde (pic: Brigitte B. as Bonnie) and the Beastie Boys’ hiphop classic Body Movin’ feels like a first-class pas de deux, gangsta-style.

B.A.R.T.O. & His Pop Orchestra – I’m in Love with Jane Birkin
John Poincarré  – Bonnie’s Body Movin’