Biolay covers Blur

Not too sure what to think of Ben’s recent lust for taking the English road. Here, he covers Out of Time by Blur for radio station Le Mouv’

Elodie Frégé

Ooh, to have an affair with the ravissante Elodie Frégé – I’m sure I could write a concept album about that. If I’m not mistaken, the beautiful redhead is one step ahead of me: she wrote a concept-album about being the girl on the side, or La fille d’après-midi. The long version of the video for the title-track is telling, songs like Nous ne parlons pas and La belle et la bete are too. On her second album, Benjamin Biolay lend a hand. His influence is felt on La fille…, but he’s not on board as producer. Dunno what happened, I heard Elodie was supposed to contribute on Bio’s La Superbe but bowed out. Anyway, the strings, the dramatic piano-chords, phat bassline and the subtle electronics all add to the sensual songs. I’m not having an affair with Mme Frégé, and I never will. That could be a fine concept-album too, by the way. If only I had the talent…

Elodie Frégé – L’imperméable beige

Coralie en direct

A little birdie pointed me to this Mediafire-file, containing a bootlegrecording of a concert of Coralie Clément in Buenos Aires. Grab it quickly before it disappears. You can hear our charming heroine (she watches over this blog) do mostly songs from her last album Toy Store, and some from earlier recordings (alas very few from her brilliant debut). Posted here is her coverversion of Benjamin Biolay’s Jardin d’Hiver. The picture is borrowed from Franca, who photographed Coralie in Sao Paulo.

Coralie Clément – Jardin d’hiver (live in Buenos Aires)