Ben Mazué & Pauline Croze

Been a long time since we heard from Pauline Croze, the fragile girl with the fragile voice who sang FS-faves like T’es beau and Jeunesse affamée. She duets on the debut-album by Ben Mazué. Like, for instance, Betrand Belin and or Benjamin Paulin, he talk-sings, puts some humour in his lyrics and is influenced by rap music. See Ben play his single Confessions of a rap addict live here.

No news so far about a new album from Pauline (her website didn’t have an update since 2009), but it’s good to hear her again. I always think of Maria de Medeiros talk about blueberry pancakes in Pulp Fiction when I hear Pauline sing.
UPDATE: A new Pauline Croze-album is announced! End of this year, beginning of next year.

Ben Mazué & Pauline Croze – C’est léger