All Roads Lead To Melody 2 – the samples

Tracks from Histoire de Melody Nelson spice up tracks by rappers (De La Soul was the first band to sample Serge), triphoppers, singer-songwriters and French funnymen. Here’s a resumé of all tracks that have a Melody Nelson-sample. If you know of/have more, let me know. Tomorrow: the cover versions.


Sample source En Melody:
David Holmes – S***! S***! S***! (from the Ocean’s 13 OST) (2007)
De La Soul – Not over ’til the Fat Lady plays the demo (1991)

Sample source La ballade de Melody Nelson:
Soul Position – Survival (feat. Greenhouse effect) (2003)
French Cowboy – La ballade de Baby Face Nelson (2007)

Sample source Ah! Melody:
De La Soul & Cee-Lo Green – Held down (2001)

Sample source Valse de Melody:
Luke Vibert – Voyage into the unknown (also contains a sample of 69 Année Erotique) (1997)

Sample source Cargo culte:
Princess Superstar – You get mad at Napster (2002)
Massive Attack – KarmaComa (Portishead remix) (1995)
Lickweed – La structure et l’instinct (1997)
Mirwais – V.I. (2000)
David Holmes – Don’t Die Just Yet (1997)
Beck – Paper Tiger (2002)
Beatnuts – Superbad (1994)
2 Bal 2 Neg – La magie du tiroir (1996)
Pop Will Eat Itself – Home (1994)

EXTRA: two tracks mashing up Serge and jazz-singer Oscar Brown Jr, using Melody Nelson-songs. HERE