Santa, Je t’aime

In addition to the opening of my Christmas musicblog, I will post French (or French themed) Christmas songs on this blog too. The Superions are a side-project of Fred Schneider, singer of the B-52’s. It’s synth-driven and funny. Well, they mean it to be funny. Decide for yourself, listen to their album Destination…Christmas here. One of the tracks that caught my attention was Santa, Je t’aime. This is a very loose rework of one of the very first Je t’aime… moi non plus-parodys by Bourvil. Funny? Mwoh. Sexy? We heard far sexier tunes on this blog. Still, it’s something that’s appropriate for this blog. And I can post nice pictures with it. So there.

The Superions – Santa, je t’aime

UPDATE: there’s a VIDEO