Midget!, Holden, Armelle, Mocke

1950299895-1No, the 2011 Best-Of release by gorgeous languid, Françoise Hardy-backed-by-Stereolab-sounding French band Holden wasn’t their final hat tip. Though Armelle is now singing in English as Superbravo, and Mocke started a new band with husky Claire Vailler, the oddly named Midget!. The latter released an album last year, I just found out. The songs sound very Holden-y, no surprise: slow, plushy, electronic, well-arranged. Somehow, Claire lacks the sexiness of Armelle, but that maybe just me. Try for yourself on Bandcamp or on the label-site . A Ciel Ouvert is my favourite Midget!-song. Back to Holden: they crowdsourced their fifth album, Sideration, which will be released this year. You can listen to some solid tracks here.

Midget! – A ciel ouvert