Benjamin Schoos feat. April March

It’s not hard to love Benjamin Schoos, the Wallonic replacement of Serge Gainsbourg on earth. Just give it a try. Listen to his new EP, featuring that duet with Laetitia Sadier, and this great track with the ultra-lovely April March:

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Motorbikin’ with Mademoiselle

carolacThe promo sheet tells us that Caroline Lacaze moved to Hamburg last year, and that’s where she also recorded her debut album En Route. It’s an okay one, though she’s apparently still under way; somehow the CD feels like she’s a bit undecided where she’s really heading, riding along the city limits of Chanson Beach, Funk Falls or Soulboro, and stopping a few times on the outskirts of Sixtiesville looking out for April March and Fabienne Delsol – including the instrumental garage beat of Road Stop and a cover version of Brigitte & Serge’s immortal 1967 Harley Davidson that suddenly sounds like that machine was always part of the feelgood soul soundtrack of The Commitments.

Caroline Lacaze – Harley Davidson