Claire Denamur

First there was Dingue Dingue Dingue. Then there was Non Non Non. And now we have Bang Bang Bang. All good things come in threes. And Claire Denamur is a very, very, very good thing. The singer with Dutch, Argentinian and French roots blipped on our radar in 2009. Her first album still is a gem, and from the sounds of it, the sophomore cd will be too. On the just-released EP are four songs, the aforementioned summer hit, two ballads and a very nice rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt, inna Johnny Cash-stylee. Is it a coincidence that the best contender for French summer hit is this track? I think not.

Claire Denamur – Bang Bang Bang

Vive le printemps

Spring is about to start, a good moment to round up a few candidates for the French Summer Hit badge. Last year, we had Ben L’Oncle Soul, ZAZ and Camelia Jordana. Artists who released albums around this time, so there. So far, I haven’t heard a song by a fille that has ‘summer hit’ written all over, but these hits are hard to predict. Here’s a top 5 of male candidates:

Roberdam – A Tes Avances. Roberdam is the nom de plume of Damien Robert, the former singer of Rapid’vour’voir. Not a big name in France, but Roberdam has potential. His album is very radiofriendly and comes with a series of videos about a scruffy circus. A tes avances from the album is my favourite. See more here.
Roberdam – A tes avances

Sam – T’es gentille. Fierce remix of a single that was released last year. Sam‘s first version has a charming video with charming girls here.
Sam – T’es gentille (remix)

Antoine Leonpaul – Oh Claire. Another new kid on the block, Antoine Leonpaul (‘Three firstnames for the price of one!’) is on par with heroes like Alain Chamfort. This was his first single.
Antoine Leonpaul – Oh Claire

Padam – Nadine. Great band, obviously named after an Edith Piaf song. Padam made four albums already, they toured all over the world. Really digging this afro-influenced track.
Padam – Nadine

Ben Ricour – Dans le futur. Ben Ricour is making albums under his own name since 2001. Dans le futur reeks of summer thanks to the trumpets. Unofficial, yet cool video here.
Ben Ricour – Dans le futur