Under the radar (12) an even dozen

Guestpost! David B. on his new French love.

Anna Flori-Lamour from Paris put out her first album, “Je Ne M’excuse Pas”, last June. Aside from her myspace site, there is not a lot of information on Anna, but it’s always nice to find another pretty blonde chanteuse. “Réveillez moi en septembre”, has a driving beat, Anna singing in a clear alto, with accompaniment suggestive of the early ’70’s (think Jefferson Airplane). The title track is similar in style: here’s a video. Anna varies her rhythms and styles from song to song, making it easy to play the album straight through without feeling saturated. “Toutouche Pipi” and “Valse Punk” remind me a bit of La Grande Sophie.

Anna’s not signed to a label, but happily it didn’t stop her from putting out this album.

Anna Flori-Lamour – Reveillez-moi en Septembre