Amylie, Carlotti

We don’t overuse the expression ‘yearlist material, people’ on this blog, yet were not afraid to use it either. This year, Fanny Bloom got tapped, and now I’m adding Barbara Carlotti’s L’Amour L’Argent Le Vent and Amylie’s Le Royaume to that Indispensable-list. Quebecoise Amylie released her sophomore cd, it’s richer in sound (orchestral, if you like) than her extraordinary debut, but there are heavy beats too, like in Comme un reine. Amylie flirts with classic chanson the same way Coeur de Pirate did on her second album, but updates it. Overall, the atmosphere is upbeat, her voice is strong, serene and sexy, and rockabilly workout Les Filles deserves to be a big summer hit.
Carlotti is a little more seasoned, L’Amour… is her third album, and less girlie then Amylie’s. The atmosphere reminds me of Air’s first EP (that’s meant as a compliment), her lyrics are based on literature, her travels to Brazil and India made an impression and she revisits the music she listened to as a 14-year old (Kraftwerk, Lio, Daho) on the track Quatorze ans. It’s less folky than earlier stuff, but as gentle and breezy. Love her duet with Philippe Katerine as well.
Both albums sound elegant, detailed and classy. Did I mention that they’re both yearlist material, people?

Barbara Carlotti – J’ai changé
Amylie – Bouche coucuse