Ines Talbi

She looks a bit like Amy Winehouse, doesn’t she? Her Canadian niece, maybe, with Moroccan roots. Ines Talbi (from Montréal) was part of a few bands (none I’d heard of) before she released her debut-album last month. Most of the songs on that colourful popalbum are in English, bar one. And you guessed it, that’s the strongest chanson on Boarding Gate (though I like the humpa-orchestra that walks by in her first single I Know You Know). Because of the vibes, it sounds a bit like an older Radiohead-song. Or Karkwa, maybe. It’s not the first time Ines sings in French, she re-did Mirza on this Canadian Nino Ferrer-tribute. Here’s a live version of Dernière la pluie.

Ines Talbi – Derrière la pluie