Covers Deluxe: Stax, No Motown

Few people remember him, but from the early 70s to the mid-80s, Michel Stax was, well, maybe not a household name, but a regular guest at Québécois clubs and venues, including bell-bottoms and that certain haircut my elder sister found so irresistible then. He almost exclusively did cover versions of other huge hits, among them Moustaki’s Milord and the French version of Hurricane Smith’s Oh Babe, What Would You Say, before he turned David Lee Roth’s men’s room take on Just a Gigolo into an outlandishly phony fairground number in 1985; his last hit, and one for the catalogue of camp, revised edition. 12 years earlier, he had covered Al Kooper’s miniature opera I Can’t Quit Her in a quite futuristic adaptation – my elder sister still claims that the karaoke machine wasn’t invented then.

Michel Stax – Car je t’aime