20141123 A-Marie ArtworkAnne-Marie Pelletier (who goes by the name A-Marie) is an aspiring blues singer from Québec who recently released three tracks via Bandcamp that serve as a taster for her debut album, scheduled for release in the spring of next year.

The trio of tracks features two blues-influenced numbers “L’envie” and “Mon nord est au sud”, both of which enable A-Marie to demonstrate her rasping, honeyed vocals that I suspect were honed on the old whiskey and razor gargle trick.

The third song, “Maintenant” is very much in the slow-rock vein, the type of song that should allow a singer to highlight and flex their vocal muscles. It’s a test that A-Marie passes with considerable ease as the song is perfectly arranged for her voice, allowing her again to demonstrate her vocal dynamics and effortlessly ability hold a note during the soaring refrains.