Astrid Adler

Look at those lips. That smouldering look. Astrid Adler released, as far as I can tell, two singles in the late eighties. They were never released on cd. Perds Pas Son Temps is the best of those two, it’s synthesized jazz-pop (think Matt Bianco, Blow Monkeys, Swing Out Sister or, from France, Blues Trottoir), but in a husky, Lolita-esque way. I’ve tried looking up more info about Astrid, there’s an Irish artist with the same name but I don’t think it’s the same girl. Somebody put a bunch of videos on a MySpace account, with more songs. This is the video for Perds Pas Ton Temps.
I got the single from FS-reader Patrick, who gave me a whole bunch of French 80s singles by girls like Astrid, expect more of this in the upcoming weeks. If you have more info on Astrid, please let me know.

Astrid Adler – Perds pas ton temps