Legendary ye-ye singer Sylvie Vartan returns with a very strong album, produced by Keren Ann & Doriand, who also wrote a couple of songs. Others who contributed are Benjamin Biolay (La Vanité, great song), David Hallyday (her son), La Grande Sophie and Etienne Daho. The production is very sixties, with plush keys, loads of strings and guitars drowning in echo. Duet-partners are Doriand, Julien Doré and Arthur H. Vartan isn’t the world’s best singer anymore – then again, she never was. This album is way better than the rehashes on Nouvele Vague.  See the duet with Doré  here. Read an English interview with Sylvie here.

Sylvie Vartan & Doriand – Je me détacherai

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Rocco

    you say: “Vartan isn’t the world’s best singer anymore – then again, she never was.”

    With my 1st reading I understood that some time you considered she was the world´s best singer, then you add “she never was”.
    It´s impossible to be “the best” of all, Who could be that singer? I think the answer is no one. It´s a matter of musical tastes; from my personal point of view Sylvie Vartan was and still is ONE OF THE BEST female singers in the world.

    Best wishes.-

  2. mordi

    * Sur un fil (en duo avec Françoise Hardy)
    * Quand tu es Là (en duo avec Etienne Daho)
    * La Maritza (en duo avec Darina)
    * Par amour Par pitié (en duo avec David Hallyday
    these songs are also from this album – but only on the special edition.

  3. mordi

    i’ve got to say – what a great surprise this album is. it’s loads better than i expected.

    i like!

  4. reader

    Greetings ! I disagree respectfully with your evaluation of her singing ability. I love, love, love Sylvie. I saw her perform in the 1960s. Please try her anew. Youtube has such gems as 1) — Sylvie Vartan “Si Je Chante” (Scopitone) –; 2) — Sylvie Vartan Locomotion (1962 Scopitone film) Melody Full –; 3) — Sylvie Vartan – Je voudrais etre un garcon 65 (son CD) –; 4) Si je Chante. Sylvie Vartan –; &, the piece – de – resistance, 5) Dans tes bras 1965 –. I love her circa 1959 – 1965 television & scopitone works ( the scopitones were these zany video juke boxes which were placed in cafes, bars, & restaurants ). Every man wanted to marry Sylvie in the 1960s ; every girl wanted to be her. She was, for me, the most romantic of the ye-ye girls ( & probably the most prolific ) . She was also very nice in person when I accidentally met her more than 40 years ago. Thank you for this wonderful blog & the update re Sylvie. … sigh … I am swimming in an ocean of nostalgia. I am smiling, & that means that I must lie down & re-acquire my sad, brooding, existentialist angst. –reader 🙂