The upcoming days, we countdown to the Sexiest Woman in French Music Today. Because this blog is all about appreciation, and boy, do we appreciate these girls.

9. Tamara Marthe/Shy’m

Martinique-born Tamara used to be shy, now she takes pleasure in putting herself in the crowd. In very reveaing outfits, as this picture, er, reveals. Shy’m (Shy+Martinique=Shy’m) isn’t a regular on this blog, we tend to keep away from the R&B- and electropop-sisterhood. So we miss out on Tal, Sofia Essaidi, Anggun, Sheryfa Luna and Shy’m. With their bedroom eyes, chocolate-covered voices and lyrics like ‘Monte le désir, d’être une femme dans le moindre de mes soupirs/D’être la tienne dans le moindre de tes délires’ (from ‘Mes fantaisies’ by Shy’m). Or Shy’m-videoclips like this one. And this one. One of the members of the SWiFMT-voting committee confessed that he ‘always watches her videos with the sound turned off’.

Shy’m – Et alors!

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Sisteray

    For sure LOOKS vavavoom great but Bruno called it right..the music we don’t need.

  2. Bruno

    OMG Sami is everywhere, Sami is in the place 😀

  3. Bruno

    Better to watch her, than listening to her… Very, very tiring to hear her lousy song on heavy rotation, on all radios, for a month…