Daisy Lambert

Daisy Lambert is the nom de plume of producer/singer Guillaume Lambert. For his new EP, he hooked up with Octave Noir and (see below) Barbara Carlotti for some heavy pop electronics (with soulful horns), and Gainsbourgian vibes.

The Operator

Italians do it Better, is the name of the label of this single. But Sophie Thibaud proves in this discofied and very Gainsbourgian song, that ze French know a thing or two about making sexy dance music too…


Canadian bilingual band Rosier released the first single from their upcoming album. N’as-tu jamais vu d’oiseaux is a folksy affair, as far as I understand it a childhood memory about chasing birds. Love the vocals, and the build-up. The ‘inspiration’ playlist of Rosier has songs by artists like Bon Iver, Andy Shauf, Feist and (yay!) my favorite Daniel Belanger-song. So, folksy, with slight psychedelic/ethereal sidesteps and gorgeous vocals.

Cool live track:

Ruppert Pupkin

Ruppert Pupkin (yes, it’s a reference to the movie King of Comedy) is the moniker of Emmanuelle Destremau, an actress/singer who likes folksy music as much as making this kind of darker, 80s influenced new wave. She sings in French & English, more enamoured with her French tracks tho.

DO not DO

DO not Do is a duo, Iskander & Romy, who started making records in 2021. Synthpop, with some prominent guitars. Upbeat, fun pop music. Three recent singles:

Alice Wondering

A trained cellist, who moved from France to the UK. Alice Wondering made some triphop/electrosoul-influenced singles, this new track is more French (to me), starts easy but rocks out later on. Sensual, soulful and (at first) slow:


Strong single from French singer Vio, who incorporates that filtered French house sound in her song. The video is part of a series, so more to come:


Tender ballad by MOrisse:

Marie-Pierre Arthur, Maude Audet

Two Quebecoises in one post, with promising new singles. M-P Arthur was celebrated several times on this blog. She likes to rock, loud and soft. This new track is an example of her softer, 70s inspired side. Cool bassline:

From Montreal, and focussed on pop from a decade earlier than M-P, is Maude Audet. This sunny jangle pop about love chases clouds away:


Parisienne Saâne is in no hurry at all. This is her fourth single, since 2021. No albums, no EPs. Just a handful of tracks. This one’s a sultry, slow beauty: