Guestpost! Natasha on Canadian duo Otarie: ‘They are like leather pants: sensual, supple, smelly and sexy.’

Although they’ve played big festivals like Francofolies and keep gigging in all kinds of local places in their native Montréal, Québec duo Otarie (a reference to a baby seal, or ‘bébé phoque’ in French) has been around since 2006. They are still considered part of the alternative scene not for their simplistic sound, but because of their lyrics, which are explicitly fun with a hint of gay bitchiness, especially when they slam local has-beens, all in quality Québécois slang.

Canine Sutto, the guy (Janine Sutto was an actress, think gay stage name) and Gaétane Montana, the lovely red head, say they’re just friends and share the same taste in dirty lyrics. They mix all kinds of styles (and different positions) and use words you’ll have to Google like ‘plotte’ (‘muff’), ‘poche’ (‘scrotum’), ‘graine’ (‘dick’) and ‘foune’ (‘ass’).

The puns fly very low in songs like ‘Kuni Kuni’ and ‘Au Camp Trois Pinis’, titles that don’t need translation and ‘Spourrer’, a loving song about ‘spooning and screwing’. Students love Otarie’s in your face-ness and just like jerking off, other people either like it too or just lie about it.

If you like it fast:  Otarie – Horny
If you like it slow: Otarie – Dans mon lit

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Natasha Cloutier

    Salut Canine! Et oui, j’ai acheté votre album sur iTunes comme une grande, merci encore ! Bien le bonjour d’une Montréalaise à Amsterdam xx