You may know blonde Bettina ‘Ornette’ Kee from her French hitsingle Crazy, or the Nôze-remix. She’s French, but sings in Franglais and now has an EP out with two duets (Mike Ladd, Ours), a new song (see here) and a very, very nice cover of French filterfunkheads Justice’s On’n On (great unofficial video with Monica Belluci). Love it. And yes, her stage name is a nod to free jazz hero Ornette Coleman. In an interview, she said: “One of his songs is called ‘Lonely woman’ and that was what I wanted to call myself when I first started performing alone. But I found that a bit ‘heavy’ and redundant, so instead I plumped for ‘Ornette’ which I also found a very pretty name and it’s also appropriate because even if I don’t exactly play the same sort of music, I also like improvising when I play.”

Justice – On’n On
Ornette – On’n On

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.