bestofthebestofthebestcoverThe end is nigh, so we’re ranking up the best of the best. Albums, tracks, videos…it’s listing time.
Instead of making Top 100s, 50s or 10s, here on FillesSourires we’re picking one. One French track, or one French album. That knocked us off of our feet in the past year. One album that we will treasure, defend, love, for the rest of our lives (probably).
With ‘we’, we don’t mean just the writing staff of FillesSourires (Guuzbourg, Maks, FransS, Steve, David, Sky) or regular contributors, no, we mean ALL of us. And you. Yes, you, reading this. You come by every now & then to check what’s up in the French-speaking pop world of FS. You fell in love with that one song, that one album in 2014. So write that up. One sentence is enough. Email us (guuzbourg at gmail dot com) before Dec 12.
We’re looking forward to the end.

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.