amantsparaFive years have passed since Vincent Delerm’s Quinze Chansons, a premier album including the downright gorgeous Et François de Roubaix dans le dos. Echoes of Roubaix can also be heard on Ils avaient fait les valises dans la nuit from his new CD Les Amants Parallèles which tells an histoire d’amour between un garçon et une fille in thirteen songs – actually, quite a melancholy tale with predominantly monochrome and (g)rainy moods. Though fine chansons like Robes, featuring Moriarty singer Rosemary Standley as raconteuse, capture the forlorn feel perfectly, Delerm gets a bit lost in his November frame of mind. And with hardly more than half an hour playing time, this love story is already over when most wouldn’t even have begun.

Vincent Delerm – Ils avaient fait les valises dans la nuit
Vincent Delerm – Robes