Noir Désir called it quits, due to “emotional, human and musical differences”. You could see this coming from a few miles, after leadsinger Bertrand Cantat was released from prison after his conviction for murder. Heated debates in France after Cantat and his compadres left off where they were forced to quit six years before. Which leaves us with a lot of very good albums, Des visages des figures being the most succesful outside of France. There are quite a few ND-covers (this one, f.i.), but I’m posting only the Le vent nous portera-versions here, mostly done by girls. Sophie Hunger is from Switzerland, Victoria Vox from the US, Regina Lund was born in Finland but lives in Sweden, Les Charbonniers de L’Enfer are Canadian. The remix of Le vent… was made by Rubber Room.

Noir Désir – Le vent nous portera
Noir Désir – Le vent nous portera (remix)
Sophie Hunger – Le vent nous portera
Les Charbonniers de l’enfer – Le vent nous portera
Regina Lund – Le vent nous portera
Victoria Vox – Le vent nous portera

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. reader

    I have always loved Sophie Hunger’s rendition of this song. There is a video of a wonderful live performance at youtube dot com : — Sophie Hunger Fete Musique “le vent nous portera” Noir Desire –. Thank you for your blog & Christmas Greetings to all. — reader

  2. Roger Grund

    Tant pis! My all time Noir Desir favorite remains ‘A ton etoile’, as guestposted previously on Filles. Maybe a repost would be in order, Mr Guuzbourg?