Christine (Nantes-born Heloise Letissier) said about this track and video: “The Loving Cup is a song I wrote just after seeing Paris is Burning for the first time. I wanted to make a power song that could allow everybody who listens to it to be fierce. It is an invitation to join Christine and to recreate yourself to become exactly who you want to be without being judged: therefore The Loving Cup works just like a Vogue Ball. And the party is opened for everybody without exception: all we need right now is love and acceptance. The boy starring in the video could be anyone: he’s mysterious and never reveals the true reason of his transformation. But the fact that he needs to escape and have fun is good enough for us.”
The band was formed in London, where Heloise/Christine was down and out when she met a couple of drag queen “who helped me getting back on my feet. Because they were rejected, or because they had to fight to be just who they wanted to be, they usually are generous and welcoming with those who seem lost. And I think we really need this kind of human warmth nowadays.”
This danceable track (think Sia, think Florence) differs from the more downtempo song we’ve posted on this blog earlier (this one, this one) and it’s not in French. The album’s out next year, and it will include at least a couple of French tracks. Which is good.

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.