Ooh la la this is great stuff. Been a while since our dear Ariane sounded sooo fragile

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. marksl

    So Ariane Moffatt has returned to her own music after sponsoring the interesting new singer Valérie Carpentier to success in ‘La Voix’, Quebec version, in Spring 2013. She wrote and arranged the music for the hit song ‘A Fleur de Peau’ for Valérie which won her the prize.

    Regarding the links to Soundcloud tracks, like this one: to be able to alter the volume through your headphones, click on the ‘soundcloud’ insignia (right hand side) and then once on Soundcloud to click on the arrow to start the track there. The direct link seems to give a fixed volume.

  2. Dave

    Wow…very, very nice. While a bunch of us have commented on Beatrice Martin’s “Trauma” covers, Ariane’s are pretty good too. I especially liked her “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Been listening also to her old “Tenzen” stuff every once in a while.