MM, Emma Solal and Ko & Josphine are fresh new artists who released noteworthy EPs recently.

MM is a Liège-based artist (I wouldn’t call her a singer, she speaks more than she sings) who made 8 songs about Marilyn Monroe. That’s about all I know about her. Miam Monster Miam send me the link to her Reverbnation-site, where you can listen to the songs and download A l’hotel for free. In a way, this reminds me of Benjamin Biolay’s concept-album about the Kennedy’s. MM sound intriguing, I see that’s she’s profiled in Serge magazine, I’ll keep you posted on more details when I get my hands on that.

Ko & Joséphine were already profiled in Serge magazine, that’s how I got to know this jolly duo.  They hail from Bretagne, Christelle sings (and sighs a lot, just the way we like it here, listen to her giggle in ‘Supermarket’), Niko is the music guy. A comparison with Les Rita Mitsouko is easily made, also because Niko & Christelle like to add a lot of 80s influences in their music. See them in action here.

Emma Solal introduced herself by saying that she made an album with help from Pierre Faa, of Peppermoon-fame. That made me sit up straight. Her voice reminds me a little of Barbara Carlotti’s, her songs are rooted in French chanson tradition, from the Brassens-era and the seventies-era, much loved by Pierre. Robe du Soir, written by Pierre, could’ve been a Peppermoon song allright. I chose the jazzy, very sultry Première fois. Are you paying attention, Serge?

MM – A l’hotel
Ko & Josephine – Elle aime le catch
Emma Solal – Premiere fois

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. MM

    Hello !

    My name is Emilie alias -MM- (please excuse-me for my bad english) I’ve just seen your nice post about my work. Thank you very much !!!!

    I grew up in Liège but I live in Paris now.
    I also studied at the Conservatory of “art dramatique” of Bruxelles.
    Actually they are 10 songs about Marilyn and I’m going to build a show with videos on the -MM- music.

    If you have any question please feel free to ask me.

    Thank you very much again !


    -MM- Emi