Mina Tindle (her real name is Pauline) is a French folkster who doesn’t sing with a heavy accent (just a charming one) and makes very pretty songs. Feist, Nina Simone, Fleet Foxes, Alela Diane, those are her favourites. She self-released an EP, that contains one French song. Love her high-pitched voice, and I wish she’d sing some more in the language of love. Mina’s supporting Coeur de Pirate in December in Belgium and France. See the video for her single To Carry Many Small Things here. See her do a Bob Dylan cover here. Go here to download a Caetano Veloso cover.

Mina Tindle – Plein nord (demo)

In other news: listen to the stream of the upcoming Christmasalbum by Michel Legrand + guests here. The songs with Coeur de Pirate, Renan Luce and Emilie Simon are up. Carla Bruni, Iggy Pop and Olivia Ruiz will no doubt follow

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.