Actually I’m indebted to the excellent bilingual music blog “From B to Zee” for introducing me to the emerging talent that is French singer-songwriter Marion Elgé.

Hailing from Valence, Marion has thanks to a crowd-funding campaign, successfully auto-financed her debut 6-track EP which – with the assistance of David Granier (percussionist with La Grande Sophie) – should hopefully be released before the end of this year.

As a teaser Marion has made three distinctly varied tracks available via Soundcloud; “Color Me” is unashamedly poppy (I’d argue that it’s up there with Grenadine’s “Bonjour Tristesse” as one of the pop-songs of the year) and features one of those distinctively catchy hooks that burrows deep into the skull alongside a guitar solo which hints at an inner rock-chick that surfaces again on the pop-rock “Vas-y”.

However it’s “Je Penche” that really grabs the attention. This is a cent-pour-cent chanson that steers effortlessly into the Bluesy-jazz territory that Zaz has made her own and more than suggests that Marion can turn her hand to any number of differing musical styles.