Canadian singer Lily Frost – I’d never heard of her, but this sultry soulful singer released six albums already. And she sings (partly) in French! FS-reader Martin wrote a guestpost:

Lily Frost (Lindsey Davis) is a Toronto-based songwriter and vocalist. With her soulful voice she can whisper seductively, but also keep afloat on top of a booming arrangement. After two albums with ’60s inspired popsongs she started working with José Miguel Contreras (also her husband), releasing four more cds. Contreras has his own band, By Devine Right, best known for ex-bandmember Feist. On Frosts 2008 album “Lily Swings” (where she performed songs from the repertoire of Billie Holiday) she recorded with the late Ray Condo’s band The Swinging Dukes.
In 2009 she received a Gemini nomination for the score, which she co-wrote, for the Canadian hit TV show “Being Erica.” Lily also co-wrote the theme song “All I Ever Wanted to Be.” 2009 also saw Lily expand her fan-base in France, embarking with a four-piece band on two sold-out tours in a year, drawing praise from French critics for her “mastery of ambiance,” her “wide palette of emotion,” and the powerful singing voice and strong personality of a woman who clearly “knows where she’s going.”
For “Veridian Torch”, her sixth solo disc, Lily has tapped into the wilderness of Canada, of ancient trees, terrifying electric storms, irritating insects, and romance with the land, as expressed in French poetry. Lily and her family moved from downtown Toronto last year, to a forest outside the city. But the songs were all written and recorded before that. It was a case of life imitating art: “The songs magically drew us back to nature,” she says. The two French songs “Chalet du Bois” (with some help by Marianne Dissard with the lyrics) and “Verlaine” are deeply felt and very poetic. Anyway – my favourite song is “Thompson Pines” with the most beautiful melody I heared last year.

Lily Frost – Thompson Pines
Lily Frost – Chalet du bois
(see the video)

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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