Steve from SoCal on his new discovery, two folksy, note-perfect Canadian singing sisters. Any relation to Isabelle? We don’t know, yet.

Thought I’d drop you a line about Les Soeurs Boulay who I “discovered” while trawling Bandcamp after stumping up for Marie Pierre Arthur’s EXCELLENT (can’t emphasis that enough) “Aux alentours” album…

I don’t know that much about les Soeurs Boulay, Melanie and Stephanie, except that they’re from Gaspesie in Quebec have just released their eponymous debut 5-track EP through Bandcamp. There’s a certain sparseness, cleanliness about the sound; absolutely note-perfect harmonies with minimal backing from just an acoustic guitar or ukulele(!) There’s more than a hint of early (think folksy) Simon and Garfunkel in the EP’s opener “Lola en confiture”, although my personal favourite is the slightly up-tempo “Des shooters de fort sur ton bras” It should be noted that there’s a definite “country folk” undercurrent runs through all five tracks, but don’t let that put you off. While there’s a certain “tristesse” to the lyrics there’s also an haunting achingness that forces you to just wants to come back for more.

Highly recommended, and as a taster, “Priere” is available for free from the girl’s bandcamp site

Les Soeurs Boulay – Les shooters de fort sur ton bras

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. SteveinSoCal

    f-book? I’d rather have root canal work without an anesthetic – it’s one of the main reasons I tend not to use Spotify.

    Besides, I generally only comment and then comment positively on the music that I like posted here, which has nothing to do with the looks or sibling status of those providing my aural pleasure…

    Which is why I’m not going to comment on FransS’ Soko post – I have enough trouble with her cropping up when I using!

    Seriously though, this blog along with Bandcamp and few others is my life line to French music. I may not always agree with your posts, but assuming that I can source the music here in the States my CC statement is testament to your influence…

  2. Sky

    Next yearlist gonna be ruled by the f-book?

  3. SteveinSoCal

    Big soul were OK, but for “Les Americans qui jouait a la musique francaise”, I prefer Eux Autres. Besides, the Quebec scene is the closest those of us exiled in the Colonies get to a little frenchiness for our listening pleasure. Anyway, I bigged up your Marie Pierre Arthur post, so quit your whinging 😉

  4. Sky

    Nice post, thx, but … 7 f-book likes for them sistas, while nobody seems to be interested in Big Soul or other recent posts? Do smell the f-rat here.