This blog champions French songs from all over the world, but since we’re based in Les Pays-Bas, we do keep an extra ear open for Dutch singers. This week, probably because of the start of le Tour de France, three strong tracks were released:

Tess Merlot was featured a few times here. Rien à perdre is a song about ‘battling your insecurities, and finding motivation to make life-changing decisions’, in her own words.

Dafne Holtland was part of trio Zazi, is now half of Kafka. With Zazi, she sang in French (also in other languages), kaleidoscope-pop duo Kafka was all English. Until now (yay!). The ‘Etienne’ in the song is a name Dafne saw carved in a workbench, in a house on the French countryside she stayed in. Her imagination started flowing, this is the song that came out:

And finally, Katell Chevalier. She debuts on this blog, though she’s a French force in Holland for a while now. She’s quite different from the sultry French singers we usually post here. This is her ode to women:

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.