Though Thomas Bohnet, compilation svengali behind the Le Tour collections, lives in my old ’hood and still only a few kilometres away, we have never met. That may have to do with tastes. Le Tour volumes 1-4 were competently anthologized, but there always was some diminutive irritation factor. Now, with Le Tour #5, I figured it out. The assortment contains impressive and appealing stuff, like Féfé’s Clichés, Biolay’s Padam, or a minor track by FS faves Mickey 3D, but some songs here, despite being French, would easily qualify for Munich’s famous Oktoberfest: The opener, La Crise by L’Homme Parle, features German boof-tah at its very grooviest social-democratic street festival feel, and the As de Trèfle and Babylon Circus tracks are surely great, if … well, if you’re into Stimmungsmusik of this kind. I’m more into Mélanie Pain, also on Thomas’ compilation. Kind of a French Schlager as well, but a more sexy one.

Mélanie Pain – Ignore-Moi

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  1. Thomas

    Okay, let love rule…sunshine everywhere. Peace, Love And Understanding!

  2. guuzbourg

    I think Sky made it very clear why he doesn’t like Babylon Circus and the like, and why he prefers the Melanie Pains of this world. You don’t have to agree. But you know Sky a lot better than to call him narrow-minded. Let’s all just laugh out loud some more, and get on with this way too beautiful Monday (I’m speaking from an Amsterdam point of view here, of course). By the way, I love to be called a Svengali, even though Mrs Guuzbourg would howl with laughter if she heard that.

  3. Thomas

    Narrow-minded: In my svengali-narrow-minded opinion it is very narrow-minded, if you compare bands like Babylon Circus, As de Trèfle, etcpp with the humpa-bands of the october fest. I´m sorry. – By the way: much respect for all these umpah-umpah-bands at oktoberfest who can play also quite complicate songs (Queens Boheman Rhapsody for example.)

  4. Natasha

    I am enjoying Le Tour 5 personally and professionally (as a DJ), I even got to see the entire process as I do with Filles Fragiles albums, and I think Sky’s opinion is blasé and not very well presented in English, regardless of his point of view.

    I don’t like all the songs, but I learnt something and that’s what counts. I’ve learnt nothing from this review though, sorry.

    I also know that Thomas called Liesbeth List ‘Dutch schlager’ once and so this ‘review’ has a serious tit-for-tat factor. And I thought women were bad that way 😉

    You guys could all do better than that. They are enough really bad French languages floating around and this is not one of them!

  5. guuzbourg

    You have a lot of nerve to call Sky’s musical horizon ‘narrow-minded’, Thomas. Then again, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  6. Thomas

    LOL! I would rather like to hear Babylon Circus or As de Trèfle at the Oktoberfest. That would never happen. Dear Sky, expand your musical horizon, which is obviously a little narrow-minded. Cheers. The svenagli compiler!

  7. guuzbourg

    If you want to buy Le Tour 5, you can contact Thomas; CD will cost EUR 14 + EUR 3,40 (Europe. Post) or +6,00 (World)