Le ALe A are a quartet of shoegazy alt-rockers who hail from Bordeaux. The band are Blandine Peis on vocals and synths, the guitars and vocals of Ita Duclair and Emeline Marceau, together with the xy chromosomes of drummer Michaël Martin. Named in homage to the bande dessinée series “Philémon”, the band have recently released a five-track EP full of indie-inspired wondrousness entitled “Pale Echo.”

It’s an EP chock-full of dark and moody indie and alt-rock; pounding percussion and a fusillades of crashing, reverbed guitars that are counterpoised with angelic, honey-dripped vocals and the most soothing of harmonisations. But what makes this EP stand-out is when the band take a genre that is so arguably English in nature and crafted the most incredibly powerful song that is cent-pour-cent French. Magnifique!!!

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  1. guuzbourg

    GREAT discovery! Really cool stuff