Tranquillement is the self-funded debut offering from singer-songwriter Laura Babin and features five contemporary and atmospheric songs that embrace pop as well the country and folk roots of “Americana”, which more than hint at the versatility and talent of this young Québecoise.

Standout tracks are the openner, “Sans sommeil”, a contemporary pop-folk song, but one that takes inspiration from South of the Border. The rhythm, coupled with a deliciously reverbed and muddied electric guitar is reminiscent of both Angel Olsen and Laura Viers, and “Sur La Route”, Laura’s Jack Kerouac moment. Apparently influenced by the long bus journey from Gaspésie to Montréal; the gentle rhythm pleasantly passes away the time until we arrive at the journey’s end.

However, most importantly, the songs serve as an introduction to the clarity, power, range and – yes – seductiveness of Laura’s voice… At times reminiscent of both Marianne Bel and Laurence Hélie (who similarly ploughs that rich seam of Americana from both north and south of the 49th), this is a voice so velvety smooth you’d swear it was molded from finest Swiss chocolate…

Thanks Steve!

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. marksl

    Laura Babin’s EP is well-produced; if her concerts are as good she could get established in Québec country-folk. She is very similar in style to Marianne Bel, and there may not be room for both. For Marianne Bel live, see these links:
    Marianne Bel

    Neither can compare with Laurence Hélie, whose beautiful voice, wonderful looks and pure charm put her ahead. But Laurence is 33 and she has worked for 10 years to reach where she is. Laura Babin and Marianne Bel are 10 years younger, and have ‘rough edges’ to be knocked off by practice and experience.