La Femme is a Parisian quintet who play lo-fi surfrock with new wave touches – think Liminanas fronted by Lio. Had a hard time to find answers to some questions about this band. Like: what are the names of the bandmembers? Why are there mostly four people in band pictures? Is the hot blonde in these pictures (scroll down) an official bandmember? Why isn’t she in this picture? Are these La Femme-bandmembers having sex on video (VERY nsfw)? Some answers can be found in this interview – it seems the guys use various female singers, and there’s a Marlon and Sam in the band. The mini-album they released sports good songs. Sur la planche is the key track, this is how lo fi surf new wave baby pop should sound. Could be the start of something beautiful. The cover of their album is of course a reference to this painting. Hey, here’s a thought, how ’bout a festival featuring La Femme, Lafille and La Fiancée?

La Femme – Sur la planche

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Youri margarine

    Except La Femme is not from Paris but from the south of France !

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  3. Maks

    Great idea, after all it’s about time for a Filles Fragiles Night pt.3 anyway.
    Lemme know as soon as the presale starts 😉