Mark is spoiling us with lots of great, newly discovered links of performances by Juliette Gréco:
A reissue of Juliette Gréco’s Mini-Recital Télévisée of 1977 has reached the internet – a 6 song special, HERE. Juliette Gréco présente : Mon Fils Chante, Fleur D’Orange, Le Mal Du Temps, L’Embellie, Donne-Moi, La Chanson Des Vieux Amants. Songs 1, 2, 3 and 5 are lip-synched; 4 and 6 are live with mike and piano accompaniment, by Gérard Jouannest , later JG’s third husband.

Especially in ‘L’Embellie’ (commences at 6m25s) there are some classic Gréco body-language and hand movements.

Enjoyable too is her performance of ‘Non, Monsieur, je n’ai pas vingt ans’ in 1980, when she was 52, introduced by a most respectful Julio Iglesias, HERE
The lyrics to this hit are HERE with a 1977 version, from German TV ZDF.
She was just as good at Strasbourg ten years later in 1987, in her 60th year, HERE.
The film is less good quality, but the performance impeccable: ‘Paris-canaille’, ‘J’arrive’

To come up to date, here is Gréco at Toulouse in January 2013 with Jouannest at the piano (fine instrumental introduction of 2 minutes to start) – aged 85. ‘Vivre’, HERE, and Leo Ferré’s ‘Avec le temps’, HERE.

An earlier treasure is this black-and-white Italian TV film made by RAI in 1966, now restored for the internet HERE.
A 6 minute medley, with parts of ‘Sous le ciel de Paris’, ‘Les feuilles mortes’ , ‘Jolie Môme’, ‘Si tu t’imagine’, and ‘Paris-canaille’.

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.