So, the new ZAZ album is out, featuring classic songs about the City of Light. Sous le ciel de paris, Le Parisienne and this superhit:

It’s a cool album, lots of manouche- and swing-influences, Quincy Jones (yes!) did a wonderful job producing, and Zaz shines.
All songs are from waaaay back, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are of course very good French songs written about Paris from the more recent past. Like these:

Do you know other, better, more recent French songs (not older than, say, 20 years) about Paris? I made a Spotify-list, you can add to that. Or in the comments below!

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. ekkooo

    Paris – Lise
    Paris – Marc Lavoine
    Paris – olivia Ruiz
    Paris – La oreja de van gogh
    Paris- renske Taminiau
    Paris – Subway
    Paris – Taxi Girls
    Paris – Yael Naim
    Paris 2012 – la Femme
    Paris a le blues – mad in Paris
    Allo Paris – Mano Solo
    Paris Boulevards – Mano Solo
    Paris Avance – Mano Solo
    Paris de loin – Poney Express
    Paris Paris – TTC
    Paris ressemble à un film de F. Truffaut – Elisa Point
    Perdue à Paris – Clare and the Reasons
    Rondo Parisano – somethingalamode
    La seine – Vanessa Paradis
    Souvenir de Paris – Dimitri from Paris
    This is Paris – Les Babtous
    This is Paris – Mister Modo and ugly Mac beer
    Paris s’éveille – ann Pierlé
    Ce soir, Paris – Nach
    Billet pour Paris – Le Couleur
    and more 😉